Burial Scheme

Burial Scheme
Holland Park Synagogue Members qualify to join the new burial scheme (NBS) run by the S&P Sephardi community burial division.

Of course there is never a good time to contemplate matters like this and making provision for funerals are never pleasant discussions, but for those who have not yet made plans, being a member of the new scheme will significantly reduce the financial impact on those loved ones left behind.

The scheme is a simple, transparent and competitive model which is akin to schemes already being offered by other mainstream orthodox communities with burial services.

The key points of the NBS are:

• Members pay an annual contribution to the scheme – this is currently £120 per person (as of July 2020).

• For ages 36-70 a one-off entry level fee will apply.

• All costs of funerals are covered from the point of joining the scheme.

• There are no prerequisite conditions or medical required.

There are some more details available at this NBS FAQ.

If you are interested in joining the scheme please contact Helen Doherty (Hebra Manager) via email: burialscheme@sephardi.org.uk in the first instance and she will provide further details.